Why did you make this website?

I was bored with all the other crap I have to do so I went, "Hey, why don't I add writing a website onto the heap of full-time job, full-time college, and multiple time consuming hobbies that I already have?"

Clearly, a brilliant idea.

What are some fun facts about you?

Where are you from?

A magical place called the internet.

How are you doing right now?

At this very moment? The exact moment that I am typing this? I need to talk to someone, but given the nature of the subject, it's best if I don't. Don't worry, internet stranger, we all get to be like this. The difference is that if you go and read my poems, we will have had that one-way conversation. Maybe one day I'll find your half too.

Christ almighty did that get maudlin. Anyway kids, don't grow up to have nightmares.

How Can I Contact you?


haha just kidding, I always respond to smoke signals (that I can see)