A Interview in Hell

In the city I saw a man in coveralls,
Wearing devil horns, within the walls.
I wondered what he had hoped,
What he had saw with angel-eyes.
Before the days had eloped-
Was there a want to his cries?

A piece of the past
that never got to ask,
Was it worth it?
Did you see the stars?
Did it matter one bit,
That we wanted to fly to mars?

Did my children sing?
Did they ever buy a ring?
I went too early, too soon,
To see the machines I made.
I never got to see them reach the moon,
Never got to see the things I’d been forbade.

The man said he wanted to know,
Was it all just for show?
Did it matter?
Did things change?
Or did the world shatter,
Like a bottle in a firing range?

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