Starting to see a pattern here...

Alright, I guess these blog style posts are just going to be me doing shoutouts to randos (or people I know) saying nice things to them that I can never work up the courage to say to their face. Of course I say nice shit (as well as bad shit) about people behind their backs. /s :rolling_eyes_emoji:

Anyway, rando of the week is guy on youtube that disappeared for a while then came back and didn't get very many views on the vid.

I was VERY happy when I saw your upload!!!

I would check my subscriptions every once in a while, to see if I missed something, but you didn't upload. I vaguely remembered you saying something about how you had messed up/difficult stuff going on in your personal life (relatable) and was worried when I saw no posts on youtube or any other socials (among some socials completely disappearing). I was very happy to see that you were doing alright when you uploaded.

Anyway, Mr.Rando, I was very excited about that new video! All the best to you!

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